Watch Taylor Swift Get Goofy And Snack On Cookie Dough In Her AT&T Commercial

Taylor Swift has been on a tear since her return with the new album Reputation, preceded by not one but two new singles, and today she’s shared a new commercial and behind-the-scenes clip to further promote her new record. Above is Taylor’s take on what went down for filming the new AT&T spot, which is below.

In the clip, a narrator gives us the play by play of everything Taylor is doing during her very normal, totally lowkey life. Like kickbox-fighting with Andy Samberg in the hallway, and eating an anonymous man’s cookie dough after said fight left her very hungry. At one point, she is eating one of those kale/rice bowls, which does, in fact, confirm to me that these bowls are definitely cool. Knew it.

Oh, and we get one more clip courtesy of some special time she was having with her beloved cat, Olivia. The sheer volume of pet names here is not only mind-blowing, but it’s further proof that a real artist applies that creativity to every facet of their lives.

AT&T have partnered with Direct TV Now, where Taylor Swift has her very own channel, and the clip is all in service of promoting that partnership. Watch all three videos above and look for more from Taylor coming very soon.