Watch Some Guy Cover Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ In 20 Different Styles

07.06.15 4 years ago 10 Comments

A gentleman by the name of Anthony Vincent has a series on YouTube called “Ten Second Songs.” In these videos, Vincent does covers of popular songs in a variety of different “styles.” He’s not a musical impressionist, per se, because that requires a certain level of talent and a certain ear for music that perhaps exceeds Mr. Vincent’s grasp. In his most recent video, he covers “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

He kicks off with Kendrick Lamar, which makes sense given that Lamar features on the actual song, and also hits such notable musical acts as TLC, Phil Collins, and Disturbed. Also, for some reason, Chef from South Park and noted purple dinosaur Barney. The video is certainly… a thing that exists. It’s an interesting concept, if nothing else, but your mileage may vary in terms of your ability to tolerate “Ten Second Songs.” The dude has a nose ring and is wearing a t-shirt that says “I work hard so my cat can have a better life.” You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Also, he’s got merchandise. Just so you know.

(via YouTube)

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