Taylor Swift And Brendan Urie Take A Colorful Paint Shower In The Video For Swift’s New Single “ME!”

On Thursday afternoon, Taylor Swift told ABC’s Robin Roberts that her new single would be called “ME!” and would feature Panic! at the Disco’s Brendan Urie. At midnight, after weeks of eager anticipation, the video finally arrived. In stark contrast to the stark, monochrome clips that accompanied the singles for her last release Reputation, the new video, which is directed by Swift herself and Dave Meyers, is a colorful, pastel explosion.

The clip opens with Swift and Urie as a bickering French couple. The ensuing four minutes are a surreal, maximalist color explosion. Swift dawns her Easter Sunday finest as she dances through the streets in a double-breasted, pale yellow suit. Urie does his best Mary Poppins impression as he floats across the sky, umbrella in hand. Rainbows spackle the sky and buildings are adorned with unicorn gargoyles that spit out pepto bismal colored rain. The whole thing is quite the trip.

The new single is Swift’s first since the release of her multi-platinum-selling sixth album. And her hint at the release had broken a relative dormancy on the singer’s social media feeds following the conclusion of her massive tour in November. Many feel, “ME!” may be the first single from a forthcoming seventh studio album.

You can check the video out above.