Taylor Swift Took The Stage With Chris Rock, Matt LeBlanc, Uzo Aduba, And Mary J. Blige

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On Friday, Kobe Bryant presented Taylor Swift with a special banner in honor of her sold out Staples Center concert. As if that wasn’t enough local star power, her second show at the arena on Saturday night boasted one heck of a tremendous guest list: Chris Rock, Uzo Aduba, Matt LeBlanc, Mary J. Blige, and American model Sean O’Pry.

Swift first knocked out an acoustic performance of “White Horse” with the help of Aduba, who had previously taken the stage alongside the pop star back in July. Later, the “Bad Blood” singer teamed up with Blige to sing the R&B powerhouse’s own “Family Affair” and “Doubt”.

Of course, no 1989 concert is complete without totally random celebrity cameos from whoever happens to be in the same zip code that night. Cue: runway-style appearances from LeBlanc, Rock, and O’Pry. Being the ever-charming host that she is, Swift introduced the Episodes actor and comedian as “the number-two and number-three male models in the world.”

Last night’s special guests join an already gigantic #squad, which includes Sir Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Fetty Wap, Julia Roberts, Joan Baez, Jason Derulo, and Law and Order: SVU’s Mariska Hargitay. Let’s just say that those not invited to cameo at a 1989 show should just be straight up offended at this point.