You Could Literally Get Lost In Taylor Swift’s Eyes In This Corn Maze

Regardless of how you feel about Taylor Swift, it’s pretty much impossible to deny her impact on the world. She’s broken all kinds of records, got Apple Music to pay artists during their free trial period, is halfway to an EGOT, and has too many other milestones to name. Well, now her impression on the world as we know it is so massive that you can see it from hundreds, if not thousands of feet in the sky.

Yes, it’s true. You can literally get lost in T. Swift’s eyes at Maryland’s Summers Farm Harvest Festival in a gigantic Taylor Swift corn maze. Stretching around 2.5 miles of maze and with two secret bridges, the detail on the maze is pretty incredible, as you can see from the overhead shots in the video above. (Well, beside the suspect-looking microphone.) The festival suggests that, if you’re lucky, you can conquer the puzzle in around 30 minutes, but it’s also possible you could be lost in Taylor Swift’s face for literal hours.

This sounds oddly close to listening to her music. If you hear “Bad Blood” in passing, it might just be something you forget about in a half an hour. But, most likely, it will burrow itself into your brain and make a home there for the rest of your day. Wow, life can imitate art sometimes. Too true, life.

(via Summers Farm)