A 12-Year-Old Girl Has One Wish Before She Goes Deaf: Meet Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the world’s biggest pop stars, earning millions of dollars for giving millions of her fans the entertainment they crave. She’s also a notable philanthropist, as she’s helped fans, charities, and even members of her 1989 tour crew in ways that only Tay-Tay can. And now a family in Australia is hoping that when the 1989 Tour makes its stop in Sydney, she can make another young fan’s dream come true.  

Twelve-year-old Jorja of Sydney, Australia, was diagnosed with bilateral inner-ear hearing loss. Despite knowing for a while that she was experiencing hearing loss, doctors recently discovered that her hearing was declining faster than previously thought, and that she will be completely deaf soon. The first thing Jorja said when she found out about her diagnosis was “I won’t be able to hear Taylor Swift sing.” Sensing her sister’s pain, Jorja’s twin sister, Chloe, had the idea to start a campaign to get Jorja to meet her idol. She created a Facebook page entitled “Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift in Sydney 2015.” The twins hope that the Facebook page gets enough notice that Taylor responds, although their mother realizes it has a slim chance of happening.

It would be hard to imagine Taylor Swift seeing something like this gaining attention and not at least addressing Jorja with a response. Hopefully this young fan gets her wish and at least sees the pop star in concert before her illness takes her hearing.

(Via MTV)