Taylor Swift’s Elf-Filled Snowy Vacation Will Make Your Holiday Feel Less Spectacular

When Taylor Swift takes a vacation, she doesn’t mess around, nor should she. Swift pulls down around $1 million per day, and a break was in order since she recently concluded her 1989 tour. After Swift’s most recent lookalike meeting and lifetime making exploits, she jetted off to Vail, Colorado, with boyfriend Calvin Harris in tow. Swift (and Harris) posted several photos to Instagram, including this elf-onesie photo with a “Hotling Bling” reference that read, “You used to call me on my elf phone.”

In swift order, over 2 million fans “liked” the image, which was as popular as Swift’s photos from the Fourth of July extravaganza that featured the #squad enjoying her Watch Hill, Rhode Island vacation home. She even added some hot grilling action into the mix. Whereas these winter vacation images evoke a snow-filled paradise filled with snowman building a plenty.

Here are some photos of Swift and Harris building a creation together. I wasn’t entirely convinced Swift did the grilling in the aforementioned photo, but she did authentically dig into the snow to construct a posh snowman. The end result is a towering creation that probably wears a $325 scarf, but Swift had fun, and she has the red nose to prove it.