Taylor Swift Got A Whole New Emoji From Twitter For ‘Bad Blood’ Video

05.17.15 4 years ago

Need any more proof that Taylor Swift is the biggest artist in the world? Look no further than Twitter’s creation of a custom emoji for her. The world premiere for “Bad Blood” aired during the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, with a star-studded cast that included Lena Dunham, Cindy Crawford, Kendrick Lamar and more. But forget about the actual video for a second. Twitter and Swift collaborated on a special Band-Aid emoji to mark the video’s release. According to The Verge, it’s based on a lyric from the song, “Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes.”:


Cleverly, Swift is trading in the most modern lingo, and adding her contribution in the form of Band-Aid cartoons. Not bad for the world’s reigning Princess of Pop music. The catch? The emoji will only be around for 24 hours. We’ll be watching Emoji Tracker to see if it takes the world by storm in the meantime.

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