Taylor Swift Destroys Magazine’s Sexist Headline With One Tweet

06.20.15 4 years ago 22 Comments

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Any woman can tell you that the state of her womb is a private matter, one which shouldn’t be open to public speculation. Yet celebrities must often endure prying eyes and questions of pregnancy after daring to eat a burrito or two. So Taylor Swift hammered a tabloid magazine that used her womb as a means to attract readers.

Swift took issue with OK! Magazine‘s promotion of an article about how Taylor helped a fan announce his impending fatherhood. In the story, Swift held a sign while posing for a photo. The tabloid advertised their story with a (now-deleted) tweet about how Swift “made a ‘pregnancy announcement!'” They knew exactly what they were doing.

Swift called out the publication for their “misleading” headline, which meant to bring curious eyes to a different story than promised:

The publication’s rampant womb speculation wasn’t the only offensive maneuver at work. The article didn’t define Swift in terms of her accomplishments or positive qualities. Instead, OK! described her as “Calvin Harris’ rumored girlfriend” and “Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend.”

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