Taylor Swift’s Star-Studded 4th Of July Bash Will Put Your Holiday To Shame

There ain’t no party like a Taylor Swift party when it comes to spotting celebrities. Swift curates her friends with the utmost care. As the day wears forth, she has continued to post a stream of pictures to prove that, yes, her Fourth of July celebration is better than yours.

In these pictures, you’ll spot the members of Haim, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Serayah McNeill, and a very stubborn Ed Sheeran.

Taylor also made sure to post a picture of current boyfriend (and future tragic subject matter) Calvin Harris. A piggyback ride doesn’t compare to Swift manning the grill, but her fans will enjoy these “friendly relations between Scotland and America.”

Naturally, Taylor threw some inflatable birds into the mix. Happy Fourth of July, Swift squad.

(Via Billboard)