Taylor Swift Gifted A Fraternity With Free Concert Tickets, And They Did A Pretty Cool Thing With Them

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Last year, the guys of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu fraternity at Transylvania University decided to show off their lip-syncing skills to Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off.” The video garnered millions of views, and elicited a personal response from T-Swift offering them and their dates tickets to her show in Kentucky.

Taylor followed through with her end of the promise and gave each of the boys two tickets. What happened next was a big surprise for those of you who think frats are only capable of doing terrible things (like this, and this, and this): The fraternity donated 37 of their tickets to their local Big Brothers Big Sisters program. “We all got two tickets, so we all thought this is just a gift and it would be a shame not to do something good with it,” said fraternity member Barton Lynch.

The fraternity has used their YouTube channel for good before, including a viral video raising money for leukemia. These bros are a good example of what fraternities should be like. Good for them for donating some of their “Blank Space” for a good cause.

(Via WKYT)