A Car Chase Ended At Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Home, And She Had The Best Joke About It

04.04.19 5 months ago

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He was the best of times, the worst of crimes…

According to multiple reports, a stolen car without license plates was involved in a high-speed car chase with the police in Rhode Island early Tuesday morning. The chase ended when the stolen car crashed into the gates of Taylor Swift‘s Rhode Island home. Local station WJAR News reports that Swift’s gates suffered some pretty heavy damage, as one would expect when a car going 60 mph crashes into them.

Whether famous or not, it’s pretty scary to imagine all of this going down outside your house. But despite the scare, Swift is keeping it light and reminding us all that she’s got jokes. When Instagram user Swiftutation shared a photo of a news article about the crash, Swift responded in the comments with a callback to one of her best songs: “Nothing good starts in a getaway car.”

The stolen car drivers, who are facing a long list of charges according to local news outlets, were probably not Taylor Swift fans. But this incident proves that Swift’s music is personal and adaptable, and there’s a song or lyric to fit every situation, whether you’re heartbroken or on the run from the police in a stolen vehicle.

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