Taylor Swift Shares Home Videos Of Her Writing ‘Gorgeous’ For A Behind-The-Scenes DirecTV Series

The motives behind Taylor Swift’s music are endlessly speculated about, and it seems like they always will be: Is she really still upset about the whole Kanye West thing? Did she actually write a song about Jake Gyllenhaal’s scarf? These are things we may never know (despite how badly we want to), but now it looks like she’s ready to pull back the curtain at least a little bit on her songwriting process, in a new behind the scenes series from DirecTV and AT&T.

The first episode of The Making Of A Song is online now, and in it, we see footage, which it looks like Swift shot herself with a laptop webcam, of the singer writing “Gorgeous.” It begins literally with the first day, where we see Taylor playing an extremely early version of the song on electric guitar, which provides an interesting look at what these Reputation songs might sound like if Swift stuck with the more country-oriented direction she began her career with.

As the video continues, we see Swift playing the song on piano a couple weeks later, and a few days after that, her playing the song on acoustic guitar and bouncing ideas off of co-writer and producer Max Martin. The clip ends with a lyric video of the final version of the song, which is a nice way to end the journey that started with the song’s embryonic beginnings.

The series launches on DirecTV’s Taylor Swift NOW platform on November 13th. In the meantime, watch the “Gorgeous” episode above.