Taylor Swift Is Talking To Her Fans On Instagram And They Are In Full Freak Out Mode

10.10.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Everyone likes attention. It’s as human of a trait as breathing air or drinking water. But you’d figure for someone like Taylor Swift, who recently had a No. 1 single and, come November 10, will be front-and-center with her new album Reputation, might enjoy this calm before the storm.

No, Swift is ready for the storm. And rather than releasing a new song or video or providing a media appearance, Swift has turned to a much more relatable avenue: Social media. Yeah, though the pop star had recently been in a self-imposed social media blackout, she’s now back and highly active, dropping notes on fans’ posts and live streams, giving them props for everything from their ensembles to their cats. This is very similar to the tack she took on her 1989 album cycle, when she hung out with fans and invited them into her home for cookies and heart to hearts.

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