Taylor Swift Skewered All Her Past Lives In The ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Video — And Fans Loved It

After one hell of a lead up to the VMA premiere of her brand new video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor Swift finally dropped it during the beginning of last night’s 2017 VMAs.

The entirety of last week was spent dissecting her forthcoming new album, Reputation, the new single, and a teaser clip of the video (with a noted Beyonce reference), plus a bunch of other weird stuff like Breitbart News tweeting out Taylor lyrics, and the similarities between Taylor and Kanye’s new merch, the video is here in full force and in all its fourth-wall-breaking glory.

In the clip, the song’s creepy, taunting strings in the beginning take on a new element alongside some Halloween/nightmare imagery that seems like a clear reference to Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video. From there, Taylor goes back through basically every stereotype and criticism the media has thrown her way, and burns them all right down to the ground. Those “Formation” scenes? A direct reference, yes, but certainly meant to be seen as such. Taylor’s fans have never been the type to stay silent when it comes to reacting to her work, and last night’s meme-making was no different. Here are all the best responses: