Taylor Swift Is Following Kim Kardashian With A Mobile Game Of Her Own

Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Toronto - Night 2
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What do you get the woman who has everything, and also that woman happens to be Taylor Swift? Well, evidently you get her a mobile game that she can make a bunch of money off of, because that is exactly what is happening.

Do you remember that Kim Kardashian mobile game that got people excited for a little while? Everybody seemed to be playing it and it inspired all sort of think pieces and other stuff that happens on the internet? Also Kim made a ton of money? This is like that. Oh, and apparently Katy Perry also has a mobile game? That one didn’t have the cache of Kim Kardashian’s. This is also a great chance for Swift to keep her subliminal feud with Perry going.

Swift’s official website says that this product is a “new one-of-a-kind mobile game for smartphones and tablet devices.” However, it is being made by Glu Mobile, who made both Kardashian and Perry’s game, so expect a game that is decidedly like those two games. The one-of-a-kind of it all maybe stems from the fact that Swift doesn’t have a game yet? That could qualify, maybe? The game is expected to be released late in 2016.

Anyway, Taylor Swift is going to get richer and more successful and she’s going to have her own mobile game. Cool for her.

(Via Stereogum)