Taylor Swift Is Back To Posting Stylized Photos On Instagram, This Time Featuring Butterflies

03.15.19 2 months ago

Every move Taylor Swift makes lately has sparked conspiracy theories. After posting a series of photos a few weeks ago, fans noticed number patterns in the objects featured in the photos — the palm trees, stairs, and fence holes appeared to be counting down to a reveal for a new era. The countdown turned out to be a bit of a letdown, but Swift might still be holding out for her big reveal.

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For the last few weeks, the singer has been especially enamored of colorful filters. Compared to her busy months on tour, Swift seems to be posting a lot more on Instagram these days, and most of her posts have bokeh hearts, lens flares, and notable image editing. Some fans believe the new aesthetic to be hinting at a new era for her music, since we know Swift likes cohesive imagery for her albums — the snakes and gothic fonts of Reputation, the Polaroids of 1989.

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Swift’s most recent posts have been inspired by rainbows and butterflies. In one Instagram caption, the singer notes the recent butterfly migration in Southern California, and since then, Swift has posted a few others featuring the butterfly emoji as a caption. I’d say maybe she’s teasing an album featuring the songs “Butterflies” and “Rainbow,” but another Grammy award-winner has those titles on lock.

If Swift is teasing anything, she’s remaining cryptic for now. Check out her recent Insta posts above and decide for yourself.

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