Taylor Swift Credited The ‘Reputation’ Tour And Her Fans For Inspiring Her To Quickly Make New Music

Taylor Swift’s latest album, Reputation, didn’t come out all that long ago, and yet, Swift is already back with new music, via the recent single “ME!.” She caught up with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 this morning, and during their chat, Swift gave credit to the aforementioned tour, as well as her fans, for putting her in the mood to quickly bust out some more music.

Swift told Lowe:

“I mean, the aesthetic for the music I make is usually a reflection of how I feel as a person. So I think during the stadium tour, during the Reputation stadium tour, I started to feel my life. My life felt different. It felt like there was a different tone, like different undertones to my life, like a different soundtrack playing behind my life, and I really do credit the fans for the complete resurgence of exuberance and excitement towards music and making new music. And the way that I felt about this enthusiasm towards making new music is what made me get in the studio so fast and just make music really quickly after the tour, because of that energy that they had given me every single night of that tour. I was looking out into the crowd and seeing so much love and care and these people really, really are so wonderful to me and they really were the ones that made me feel like, no, I’m ready to put out new music. I’m ready to kind of do it a little bit more like I used to. I feel more comfortable.”

She also added, “There was a lot that happened over a couple of years that made me feel really, really terrible. And I didn’t feel like expressing that to them. I didn’t feel like talking about it. I just felt like making music, then going out on the road and doing a stadium tour and doing everything I could for my fans. Everything I did was for them.”

Swift was also asked if there are any other vocal collaborators on her upcoming album, but she wasn’t ready to spill that tea just yet: “I can’t say that, but I really, really appreciate you being curious about it.”

Swift and Lowe talked about a lot more than that during their 13-minute conversation, so watch the whole thing above.