Taylor Swift Unveiled The Cover To Her Next Album ‘Reputation’ And The Internet Came In Hot With Opinions

It’s a given that pretty much anything Taylor Swift does is going to stir up a reaction online. That’s just part of the territory when you’re one of the biggest, most widely recognized, beloved and maligned pop stars on the planet. With that said, it should come as no surprise that when Taylor unveiled the cover to her upcoming new album Redemption, the Internet was almost instantaneously flooded with a wide and diverse array of opinions and theories.

Some people, even self-proclaimed Swifties, weren’t feeling it at all.

Others thought it was nothing short of pure genius.

Some chose to mock the news-theme in general.

Others tried to read into what it might mean for her ongoing feud with Kanye West.

The most hilarious takes were those who compared the artwork to other famous album covers of the past.

Who knows to what extent Taylor will choose to address either the way she’s been portrayed in the media or her simmering Cold War with Kimye? This Friday, she’s announced that she’ll drop the first single from the new project which will no doubt answer some questions, while most assuredly opening up a whole bunch of new ones.

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