Ryan Adams Interviewed Taylor Swift About Both Of Their ‘1989’ Albums

10.19.15 3 years ago

The odd 1989 lovefest between Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams has officially reached its peak, while Ryan’s full cover record of 1989 recently dropped and he’s even performing on the late night TV circuit for it. That seemed like it was far enough in the carbon-copying of T. Swift, but now the two are truly becoming one with a recent interview with GQ.

The two songwriters traded their respective approaches to making each 1989. For Taylor, she mentioned that John Hughes movies majorly inspired her while writing this album. The Sixteen Candles/Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink seems like trademark Swiftbait (unless she’s a huge Planes, Trains, and Automobiles fan.)

Tay was also enamored with the idea of interpretation changing the entire meaning of a song.

“It’s like when actors say a line but they say it with a different emphasis on different words and they completely change it. That’s what you did with my album. Like if you take a song like “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” my version was hair flipAll you had to do was stay, sorry about it, I don’t miss you, and now you’re back.” Yours is like “All you had to do was stay, you broke my heart. That’s all you had to do.”

It’s a pretty interesting conversation between the two, and really, there’s nowhere else to go for them. Unless they write a country-pop/Americana Watch the Throne-style duet album. Which, probably would be a lot better than it sounds.

(via GQ)

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