Taylor Swift Kicked Off Her ‘SNL’ Appearance With A Ferocious Version Of ‘…Ready For It?’

Deputy Music Editor
11.12.17 5 Comments

For the first time since 2009, Taylor Swift appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. And to say things have changed since the then 19-year-old country star appeared twice in that calendar year –once as just the musical entertainment in January and once serving as both musical guest and host in November– is an understatement. Back then, the rising star was supporting her second full-length, Fearless, on its way to becoming the most awarded album in country music history. The world was still getting to know Swift, and appearances on a show as far-reaching as SNL helped transition her from acclaimed genre success story to what she would eventually become — a crossover star the likes that the world had never before seen.

Now in 2017, the old Taylor is dead. Stepping to the stage tonight to perform her second single from her day-old sixth studio album, Reputation, Swift arrived to the late-night comedy show with swagger to spare. “…Ready For It?” popped with its Yeezus-inspired beat, her troupe of captivating backup singers/dancers, and her own attitude-to-spare delivery. And when it comes to showmanship, Swift spared no expense with her blinged-out microphone.

You can watch Swift’s performance of “…Ready For It?” above, and stay tuned for her return to the stage later in the evening.

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