People Are Convinced That Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Are Just Filming An Elaborate Music Video

Twiddleston fever! Have you caught it yet? Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s jet-setting romance took the pair back to Rhode Island over the holiday weekend, where the “Shake It Off” singer threw a 4th of July bash for her closest friends, including Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, and Ruby Rose. But some people are beginning to show concern that Swift and Hiddleston seem a little bit too perfect (as if that’s even possible), what with Hiddleston sporting a brand-new Taylor Swift T-shirt and tattoo, and the two being conveniently photographed by paparazzi everywhere from Rome to Hiddleston’s hometown of Ipswich, England.

Some have suggested that the so-called “relationship” is nothing more than publicity to secure Hiddleston the role of James Bond (I mean Wendy Williams never even heard of this dude before he started dating Taylor Swift), but now others are suggesting something much more transparent: that the whole thing is nothing more than an elaborately shot music video, possibly to comment on fame and privacy. So far, the only evidence is that witnesses allegedly saw the couple reading something resembling a script during a trip to the Colosseum, and that Swifty releases her albums in two-year intervals. Well, it’s been nearly two years since 1989 came out.

At face value, it’s not tremendously compelling evidence, but some Swift fans are more or less convinced, regardless.

If the two were really filming a music video, the release would likely coincide with Hiddleston’s likely Emmy nomination for AMC’s The Night Manager, which may very well lead to an unprecedented storm of publicity. Something worth considering, at the very least!

(Via Metro)