What Break Up? Taylor Swift Is Living Her Best Life At The Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show

While the world may be focused on the rumored end of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, Taylor is doing what all emotionally healthy guides and peers advise us to do in moments of romantic crisis: sticking with her friends.

Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with one of Taylor’s signature squad members, supermodel Gigi Hadid, and manufacturer G-III for his 2017 collection, a move that drew the 31-year-old brand some much-needed fresh blood, and, well, that coveted T-Swift appearance.

So, tonight in New York City at Manhattan’s Pier 16, in came Taylor in killer thigh high maroon boots, a matching maroon lip and all smiles. In fact, she looks more relaxed than I’ve seen her all summer in the Instagram video that editor Tyler McCall shot of her at the event:

Her look is sailor-inspired and very chic β€” not mad at it β€” and she appears to be on great terms with Tommy himself as well:

Like, really great terms:

Later, Taylor shared some shots of her own from the show:

Awww! Taylor was rolling with other members of her crew, including Victoria Secret model Martha Hunt, and repping that ever-present-perfect-happy-surprised face:

I need to get one of those. The icing on the cake, though, has got to be the song choice that kicked off the entire show:
The love might be over, but you know she’s still getting those royalty checks. I told you unbothered is the new petty.