Watch A Fake Taylor Swift Welcome Murderers, Omarosa, And Rosie To The Stage

On her current tour, Taylor Swift has pulled out all the stops to bring out every friend and personal hero of hers onstage with her. This has included people like the U.S. Women’s National Team, Julia Roberts and Joan Baez, Fetty Wap, Jason Derulo, Lena Dunham and the list just goes on and on. This part of her show gave comedian Lara Marie Schoenhals (and Ed Droste from the indie rock band Grizzly Bear) the idea to make a Snapchat story of “What if Taylor Swift introduced some other, more unlikely guests to share the stage with her?”

That curiosity gave us this video of “Taylor” welcoming to the stage close personal friends like Casey Anthony and Nancy Grace, the Blair Witch, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, the ghost of Nicole Brown Simpson, Amanda Knox, Omarosa, and plenty more. In addition to all the amazing “gets,” the impression of Taylor is pretty spot on. All of the gestures are twirls are exactly what would accompany Tay Tay introducing all 51 accusers of Bill Cosby.

While, of course, none of these people would ever be invited up on stage (partially because some of them are deceased and others straight-up aren’t real), it would be funny if Taylor responded in the same way she did to “No, It’s Becky.” Though, she would probably have three people total to pick from. Teen girls asking their parents who The Cleveland 3 and Elizabeth Smart are probably would make for a fun car ride home.

(via YouTube)