Take A Sneak Peek At Taylor Swift’s Sexy, Animal-Filled New Video

Love her or hate her, a new Taylor Swift single is an event. Fans eagerly awaited news of which track off of the wildly popular 1989 would be her follow-up to “Bad Blood,” and, on August 5, Swift tweeted that the next single would be the power ballad “Wildest Dreams.”

Well, gird your loins, Swifties, because that’s not all: The “Wildest Dreams” music video will be premiering at this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Swift dropped this trailer for her followers Sunday night.

Considering the controversy already surrounding Swift going into the VMAs, it is unsurprising that she is changing the narrative with a highly anticipated video release. Being that “Wildest Dreams” is a love song, it probably won’t promote any woman-on-woman violence, but instead feature Swift making out with some Random Professional Hot Guy against a dreamy landscape. Whatever the aesthetic, it’s a guaranteed hit at this point. Swift is pretty much unstoppable these days.

I hope VMA host Miley Cyrus has an interpretive dance number all picked out.