Taylor Swift Brought Out Wiz Khalifa To Perform ‘See You Again’ On Her Tour

At this point, the question is who hasn’t Taylor Swift brought out as a special guest during her 1989 tour? We know Katy Perry’s never ever getting an invite, and Kanye’s yet to be included, but I wouldn’t bet against it happening because Swift’s cascading an endless list of artists on her goodwill run across the country. Wednesday night’s Houston stop was where Wiz Khalifa had his name checked off the list as the latest pop icon to hit the stage with Swift, and they performed his smash, “See You Again.”

Taylor told the crowd how she’s “obsessed” with Wiz, calling him a “good person” with “incredible music,” which means she may or may not have ever listened to that regrettable Rolling Papers album. I was initially dismissive at the thought of this appearance, but there really is something magical going on when you skip to the 2:50 mark in the video and see all those glow sticks waving in unison. I imagine if this were Wiz’s show, they’d be replaced by joints with smoke filling the rafters.

But this crowd is likely composed of mostly teenage girls who hold on to fond memories for a lifetime. Wiz really lucked up and made this generation’s version of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road,” a song that’s going to be sung at graduations and proms for the next five years. Add in a Taylor co-sign and that’s extending the run by at least another two years.

As usual, the meeting of the Taylors culminated with them exchanging pleasantries on social media. I can’t help but wonder if she asked him about that whole not recognizing “Shake It Off” when quizzed about it during an appearance on Fallon. That would’ve been mad awkward.