Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Isn’t Coming To Apple Music Or Any Other Streaming Service

Taylor Swift continues her crusade against streaming services by refusing Apple the rights to her latest album, 1989. While fans who don’t want to buy the album can listen to Swift’s older work on some streaming services (not Spotify), reps for Swift confirmed to Buzzfeed that there are no plans to bring Swift’s latest to any streaming network any time soon.

Swift, who Buzzfeed points out has been “skeptical” of streaming music services because they cheapen the art form of music, hasn’t suffered any lagging sales despite not having her music streamable. And even though the absence of 1989 on these services may have caused fans to choose between buying the entire album as it was meant to be consumed, or pirating it (with many probably doing the latter), it’s still sold over five million copies, which means that it’s the top-selling album of 2015. (And of 2014, too, but who’s counting?)

(Via Buzzfeed)