Taylor Swift’s Alleged Stalker Wants Her To Testify On His Behalf

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The 24-year-old man accused of trespassing on Taylor Swift’s property in April appeared before a Rhode Island judge Friday. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of the 4th Division Court that afternoon.

Nicholas T. Field was charged with willful trespassing at Swift’s Watch Hill mansion, where police say he was caught on surveillance video. According to the Westerly Sun, the most recent hearing featured the accused opining on a variety of topics:

  • Field reiterated that he was not trespassing, but merely delivering a letter and a poem than he had drafted for Swift and her mother.
  • He again complained that he was held in custody with a man with pencils and pens, likening the scenario to attempted murder.
  • He asked that Swift be served with a subpoena and be made to appear in court on his behalf so that she can corroborate that she “did not say to press charges.”
  • Field voiced his displeasure with the judge, going on to remark, “I’m trying to play basketball and I’m good.”

There will be a continuation of the hearing on July 10, at which time Field has asked to see the security tapes on which he was reportedly seen “manipulating” the gate at Swift’s mansion.

(Via Billboard, the Westerly Sun)