Taylor Swift’s Halloween Costume Might Be The Most Taylor Swift Thing Ever

If someone asked me, say, yesterday: “What’s the most Taylor Swift Halloween costume you can possibly think of?” I would have probably given it a good, hard think, and then said, “Well, that would have to be a unicorn with wings, covered in glitter. Hmmmm. Or maybe Nyan cat. Then again, would Taylor Swift even know what Nyan cat is? No, no, no — definitely the unicorn thing.”

Well, today is Halloween and Hypothetical Yesterday Me is about 90% right, because Taylor Swift showed up to the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show this morning in New York City — which I hear is a super cool place, by the way — dressed like a unicorn with wings. No glitter. Which is a shame because I feel like a winged unicorn without glitter is like a slice of pumpkin pie without nutmeg or a bodega without rats. Pull it together next time, Swifty.