Tech N9ne Announces The Arrival Of ‘The Storm’ Album With Three New Tracks

Tech N9ne is one of the few artists who knows how to do a proper marketing rollout. Despite talks that his 11th studio album would release in September, The Storm is now set for a December 9 release. Not only that, Tech drops the cover art, a pre-order link, and not one, not two, but three new songs in one fell swoop.

With The Storm, Tech N9ne is taking an approach he’s used in the past by dividing the album into three sections. Each of the new singles today represent a portion. “Erbody But Me” is in the ‘Kingdom’ section, “I Get It Now” will be included in what’s named the ‘Clown Town’ section, and “It Was Me” fits into the ‘G.Zone.’

“I wanted to give a gift to you, my fans, and show you that I care about all of you, together,” the Strange Records chieftan says in a press release. “To give you a song off of each level of this wonderful album. I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do.”

The concept behind this upcoming album is sure to be met with delight from his fans. I’ve always loved how Tech pushes himself to do something unique, and having these sections will do that. He’s a multi-faceted rapper who can make dark tunes and turn around with a club banger effortlessly. If for some reason you need convincing, click play on the three new singles and you won’t hear the same thing twice.