A Man Is Trolling Ted Cruz With Accusations Of Enjoying Nickelback’s Music


Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has a lot of things going against him. There are a variety of accusations one could throw at him in order to try and knock him down a notch. In fact, his own party has been doing so. One particular protester, however, has taken a particularly cold-blooded route, casting repeated aspersions that Cruz likes Nickelback.

As a person on the internet, you are very much familiar with Nickelback’s status as a perennial whipping boy. The Canadian rockers are everybody’s least favorite band, because you can feel confident making fun of them knowing you will get a lot of easy laughs and no blowback. Also, because they are a terrible band. It is this status as persona non grata which has led one mysterious protestor, his name and affiliations unknown, to follow Cruz all around Iowa, as he stumps for votes, with a sign that simply reads “TED CRUZ LIKES NICKELBACK.”

Additionally, one time this protestor, who clearly has duel agendas against Cruz and Nickelback, dressed as a Mountie as part of his protest. He told The Washington Post, “I just don’t want, really, a Canadian in office,” but, given the fact he is carrying a “TED CRUZ LIKES NICKELBACK” sign all around Iowa to troll Ted Cruz, take that with a grain of salt.

Nickelback, for their part, seem pretty cool about it. Although, by this point, they’ve surely grown accustomed to bearing the brunt of many a joke. It remains to be seen if these accusations hurt Cruz’s voting numbers in any capacity.

(Via San Antonio Express-News)