Ted Leo And Aimee Mann Sing For Lincoln Chafee On ‘Conan’

In addition to being talented musicians, Ted Leo and Aimee Mann like to indulge in a bit of comedy here and there, be it in their music videos or, in this instance, by appearing on Conan to sing a song in honor of Lincoln Chafee.

You may not know who Lincoln Chafee is, and that’s a problem for him, because he’s running for President. Currently, he is polling at a whopping zero percent, and he’s a Democrat, so he’s not dealing with that logjam that is the Republican Party at the moment. Conan decided he wanted to help Chafee at least get to one percent of the vote. In order to do so, he enlisted the help of Leo and Mann to croon a little ditty to provide the viewer with a little information on the former Rhode Island governor.

The song is done to the tune of “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals, which guaranteed it would be catchy. Chafee himself has commented on the song, telling Billboard, “I want to thank Conan for the attention. He’s a good sport and I would definitely come on the show to help his ratings.”

When they aren’t making political parody songs, Leo and Mann have a group together called The Both that’s pretty good. Even after this, they have a better chance of becoming President than Chafee does.

(Via Pitchfork)