Teenaged Nazi Music Duo Prussian Blue Discover Marijuana, Have A Change Of Heart

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Remember back in 2006 when a couple of little blond twins had a Nazi-themed, Holocaust-denying pop band named “Prussian Blue?” And the media exploded about how offensive it was that these kids’ parents were holding them up as some kind of white power Olsen Twins? (Which is silly because the Olsen Twins have already got that covered.  I kid. I kid.)  So, now that those girls are 19 and have a mind of their own, what do they have to say for themselves?  A lot, as it turns out.

Aaron Gell, who profiled the girls in GQ back in ’06, caught up with them for their first interview in five years, and it is amazing.  Lamb Gaede (pictured at left) works as a hotel chambermaid near the family, and Lynx Gaede (pictured at right) has a host of medical problems and lives with her mother, stepfather, and her half-sister named Dresden.  (They say their biological father was “a druggie” when they were young.)

Lamb and Lynx aren’t “white nationalists” anymore.  Lamb told Gell, “My sister and I are pretty liberal now.” And her sister added, “I love diversity.”  They blame their earlier attitudes on being home-schooled and having “no idea what I was saying,” as Lamb puts it.  The first hint that they didn’t care for the whole “being a racist idiot” lifestyle was when they started playing Bob Dylan’s song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” at all their concerts in 2006, despite audiences booing because Dylan is Jewish and they were racist a–holes.

Speaking of a–holes, the girls’ mother, April, says she thinks the girls will eventually be more racist, stating, “When they have children of their own, they’ll come to the same conclusions I have.”  You call those conclusions?  Nice euphemism for just making sh*t up about millions of people. Meanwhile, Lynx says she doesn’t think they should have been pushed towards “being front-men for a belief system that we didn’t even completely understand at that time. We were little kids.”

You might be wondering when I was going to get to the part about marijuana.  You may have even been skimming everything up to this point to get to the sticky icky talk.  Fair enough.  Lynx says, “Marijuana saved my life.”  She was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school.  After having a large tumor removed from her shoulder, she developed CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome).  Marijuana alleviated her symptoms better than anything else she had tried, and she became one of the first minors in Montana to get a medical marijuana card.  Lamb also got a card for scoliosis, back pain, lack of appetite, and stress.  Now they want to work to make medical marijuana legal nationwide.  No offense, girls, but I think the movement would rather not be associated with the band, even if you have changed your minds.  Speaking of which, remember this?

Yeesh. This makes me want to kick their parents down an up escalator.

And here’s another photo of what they look like now:

Another picture and much more about their change of heart can be found at TheDaily.

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