Tekashi 69 Makes A High-Energy, Post Incarceration Appearance On A French Rapper’s New Song

Getty Image

Tekashi 69 may be locked up, but in the longstanding tradition of incarcerated rappers leaving behind just enough new music to keep their fans sated before going away, his voice and inimitable presence have appeared in an unexpected place: On a French rapper’s new album. Lacrim is a French rapper of Algerian descent (who has also had a few run-ins with the law of his own) with a new project on the way featuring “Bloody,” a pre-incarceration collaboration with Tekashi featuring the rainbow-haired rapper’s signature scream rap on an air-raid siren laden street anthem. Check it out below.

Unfortunately for Lacrim, he won’t get the benefit of featuring the attention-grabbing Brooklyn rapper on any live performances for the foreseeable future. Tekashi pled guilty to eight criminal charges last month, including racketeering, firearms, and narcotics violations, in exchange for a reduced sentence in a case that also swept up several members of the Nine Trey Blood gang. “Bloody” actually features a few censored references to the gang which were likely changed in the wake of his arrest after his defense insisted that the gangster image was played up to sell more records.

Tekashi was also recently accused of abuse by his ex-girlfriend, who says that as his fame grew, so did his propensity for violence. Between his recent legal troubles and these new revelations, Tekashi’s music has been cast in a new light — one in which the once-charismatic star doesn’t look so nice.