Hot 97’s Ebro Implies That Tekashi 69 Won’t Be Performing At Their Annual Summer Jam Showcase


If things were just about the music, Tekashi 69 would be one of the hottest up and coming rappers in the game. The rainbow-haired one would be a shoo-in for the XXL Freshman list, and on festivals all over the place this summer. He would definitely be on Hot 97’s summer jam stage. It’s not solely about the music for Tekashi, however. Not only is he dealing with a child sex case that’s not quite closed, he’s been the most controversial artist in the game. His unabashed flouting of his gang ties has tied him up and away from numerous opportunities – and taking the stage at Hot 97 appears to be the latest no-go for Tekashi.

Hot 97 personality Ebro is active on Twitter, and basically spilled the beans that Tekashi won’t be there. He replied to a Tweet about Tekashi performing at Summer Jam with “wait on it,” then said his rise was “all internet hype.” When another Tweeter suggested that Hot 97 would be “on the wrong side of history,” Ebro asked if ”you think state police, FBI & brands wanna stand next to that foolishness?” It’s a fair question. Tekashi has conflicts going with New York artist Casanova (who will surely be at Summer Jam) as well as west coast artists YG and Game, who may be there. He’s also not subtle about his gang affiliation.

It seems like the people looking at Tekashi’s string of Billboard hits in a vacuum and challenging Ebro’s stance aren’t seeing the large picture. Hot 97 is liable for everyone’s safety and doesn’t want to mess up their longstanding relationship with New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium, where Summer Jam takes place. Former Hot 97 employee Scottie Beam noted that security is always “heavy duty and extremely tough” at Summer Jam to prevent any issues.

If Tekashi and his crew were to show up to Summer Jam there could be drama which could end with someone being seriously hurt. It’s worth noting that 50 Cent was banned from Summer Jam for a decade due to the chair-throwing scuffle he was involved in at the 2004 show, and he’s a bigger artist than Tekashi may ever be.