The Audio Recording Calling For Tekashi 69 To Be ‘Super Violated’ Surfaces After Tekashi’s Testimony

Tekashi 69’s revealing testimony wrapped up yesterday after the “Gummo” rapper spent three days answering questions about his affiliation with the Nine Trey Bloods gang in the trial against Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack, but it seems the explosive revelations won’t stop just yet. During the trial, attorneys played clips from a wiretap recording between alleged Nine Trey members Jamel “Murda Mel” Jones and rapper Jim Jones discussing the need to “super violate” Tekashi over unfavorable comments about the gang during a radio interview. Today, Fox5NY‘s Lisa Evers shared the recording on Instagram, on which plans to “violate” Tekashi are discussed in detail.

In the recording (Jim) Jones dismisses Tekashi’s status as a member of the set, saying that the younger rapper’s manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan needed to put his charge in check. “Shotti gotta handle that sh*t,” he says. “He get on TMZ, he need to talk his talk, he need to talk his sh*t, you dig? And he need to be very, very, very articulate about what he say and why he made people think that n—a was a gang member. He need to let n—-s know that he was never a gang member. He was always a money play for the gang members. He gotta figure it out. But, they gonna have to violate shorty ‘cause shorty on some bullsh*t.”

Murda Mel agrees that Tekashi should be “super violated,” and Jim further suggests that “security better get hit,” reasoning that Tekashi would not be able to perpetuate his gangster image without a squad of burly security guards around him at all times. “Once he start tearing security down, ain’t no security gonna want that job. He gonna have to stay in the house soon.”

Tekashi’s testimony is over, but the trial against Harv and Mack — the only two alleged members of the Nine Trey set to reject guilty pleas on the racketeering charges arrayed against them — continues. As for Tekashi, it looks like 50 Cent may have been right: Once he got in too deep, every choice seemed like the wrong one to make.