A Tenacious D Side Project Pays Tribute To ‘Game Of Thrones’ With ‘Ode To Jon Snow’

09.07.16 3 years ago

In terms of fake political campaigns based off of even more fictitious characters from a fantasy television series, you couldn’t really do any better than the “GOT Party.” Coinciding with the release of Game of Thrones sixth season on digital platforms, the recent mock election pitted the show’s most infamous (only remaining) candidates for ruler of the Seven Kingdoms against one another and left it up to the fans to decide. Would it be the duo of Snow and Mormont, Baelish and Stark, Targaryen and T. Lannister, or C. Lannister and Qyburn?

With over 1.6 million votes cast and even a series of attack ads to back each candidate, the final vote saw Jon Snow and Lyanna Mormont (aka #TeamBastard) elected with 35 percent of the vote. Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister followed close behind with 32 percent, Baelish and Stark nabbed 31 percent, and in an unforeseen twist, the write-in candidate of “George R.R. Martin Just Finish Winds of Winter Already For F*ck’s Sake” somehow outgunned the Cersei Lannister/Qyburn ticket for the final 2%.

To help ring in what will surely be a betrayal and backstabbing-free reign of Snow/Mormont, members of none other than Tenacious D released a celebratory track on Soundcloud dubbed “Ode to Snow (A Campaign Trail Song).” Operating under the pseudonym Valyrian Steel, the group features Tenacious D lead guitarist Kyle Gass, backing guitarist John Konesky, and bassist John Spiker (not sure who’s on the flute). The track itself is basically Spinal Tap’s “Stonehenge” minus the vocals and dwarf-led accompaniment, and suffice it to say, blows both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaign songs right out of the water.

It kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? If only more bands like this were willing to write campaign songs for actual candidates, then we could have lived in a world where Bernie Sanders marched out to a remix of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” at every speech, rally, or fundraiser. I’m not saying it would have won him the Democratic nomination, but I dare you to tell me that it wouldn’t have improved his chances.

(Via Soundcloud)

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