The Nominees For ‘Best Original Song’ At The Adult Video News Awards Are Amazing

The 2013 Adult Video News Award nominees were announced yesterday, and while the rest of the world concerned themselves with Octomom and her four nominations, we here at UPROXX are more interested in another porn industry favorite: Fat Mike, of NOFX fame. He worked on the soundtrack for a fetish film by his wife, Soma Snakeoil, called Rubber Bordello, a song from which appears in AVN’s “Best Original Song” category.

Butts Boats & Bitches; “Big Butt Boat Trip” (uncredited)
El Gordo y La Flaca XXX; “There’s a Porn Star Between My Legs” (uncredited)
Elexis & Her Girlfriends 2; “You’re Gone” by Samantha Ryan
Femdom Ass Worship 13; “Mean Bitches” by XL and the Arcitype
Jailhouse Heat 3D; “Don’t Worry About Me” by Lou Thomas
Pink Lips; “Candy Girl” by Joseph Meadows
Revenge of the Petites; “Revenge of the Petites” by Frankie D. & Johnny C.
Riding the Flying Pink Pig; “Pink Pussy” by Snoop Dogg
Rubber Bordello; “She-donistic Society” by Fat Mike
South Beach Cruisin’ 6; “Pimpin in the Parking Lot” (uncredited)
This Is Why I’m Hot 2; “Riding on My Fantasy” by DJ Sativa
Wasteland; “Hear Me Out” by Erlisha Tamplin (Via)

PUNK IN DRUBLIC, PORN IN DRIVATE. (Also, according to Punk News, “Fat Mike teamed up with members of the Mad Caddies and Tom Waits’ backing band to create the ragtime soundtrack.” Awesome.) Unfortunately, not every one of the songs listed above is available online, but we’ve compiled those that are, beginning with an oddly emotional piano ballad…

Song: “You’re Gone” by Samantha Ryan
Title: Elexis and Her Girlfriends 2

No videos of the song seem to exist, but here’s a link to a stream.

Song: “Mean Bitches” by XL and the Arcitype
Title: Femdom Ass Worship 13

Song: “Revenge of the Petites” by Frankie D. and Johnny C.
Title: Revenge of the Petites

Song: “Pink P*ssy” by Snoop Dogg
Title: Ride the Flying Pink Pig

Song: “She-donistic Society” by Fat Mike
Title: Rubber Bordello