The 7 Billboard Hot 100 Milestones That Will (Probably) Never Be Broken

Well, it’s official: Drake’s bigger than Jesus because Drake’s bigger than the Beatles. Wheelchair Jimmy now has 72 Billboard Hot 100 hits, or one more than the Fab Four. That sound impressive, and it is, until you realize that only lifts Drake to #8. Who has more? The answer is horrifying, and just one of seven Billboard musical milestones that are unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

1. Most Hot 100 Entries

First Place: Glee cast (207)
Runner-Up: Elvis Presley (149)

2. Songwriters with the Most Number-One Singles

First Place: Paul McCartney (32)
Runner-Up: John Lennon (26)

3. Most Consecutive Years with a Number-One Single

First Place: Mariah Carey (11 years)
Runner-Up: Elvis Presley and the Beatles (7 years)

4. Most Consecutive Weeks In Top 10

First Place: Katy Perry (69 weeks)
Runner-Up: Ace of Base (48 weeks)

5. Most Top-10 Singles

First Place: Madonna (38)
Runner-Up: Elvis Presley (36)

6. Most Top-40 Singles

First Place: Elvis Presley (114)
Runner-Up: Lil Wayne (64)

7. Most Consecutive Number-One Singles

First Place: Whitney Houston (7)
Runner-Up: The Beatles and Bee Gees (6)