The Arcs’ New Video Features A Fight Over A Racial Slur And A Discussion Of Meek Mill’s ‘Wanna Know’

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It’s good to see that Dan Auerbach is doing something different.

His new album with side project The Arcs moves him ever so slightly away from his Black Keys work, and it’s better for it. Auerbach goes all in on surprising listeners with something incredibly different in the music video for “Outta My Mind.”

The video for The Arcs’ single starts out plenty weird, but in a predictable acid-drenched sort of way that jibes with the psych sound they’re playing. Halfway through the song, however, the video cuts to a racially motivated fight in Chinatown. A man is shoved by an angry crowd for using a racial slur.

The video comes back and starts up as if nothing at all weird happened, before ending on a clip questioning the process Meek Mill went through to select a beat for his dud of a diss track “Wanna Know” (yes, really).

What’s the point of all this? Have The Arcs been running through the 6? Nobody knows but Auerbach. And that’s what makes this new project great. It’s nice to see that Dan still has a few tricks up his sleeve after album after album of predictable (if catchy) blues.

(Via Consequence of Sound)