27 Songs From The Beatles That Weren’t Hits, But Should Have Been

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On November 13, 2000, The Beatles’ album 1 – an accumulation of every No. 1 hit The Beatles had in the United Kingdom and the United States – was released. Getting a No. 1 song is very tough. Some musicians have done it a few times. The Beatles, though? This album has 27 songs on it. And this is just their No. 1 hits, mind you; they’ve had plenty of other songs chart that are also fondly remembered and super popular. But even a band like The Beatles has some songs further down their discography. These are the, for wont of a better word, “overlooked.” So, we decided to rank them.

How did we measure this? With cold, hard logic. All songs that charted, or were released as A-side singles, were excluded. So were any songs that have showed up on the band’s various greatest-hits compilations. This includes the 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 albums. And even with all that, this list will still have a lot of popular songs you’ve heard of. To which we say: Of course it does. They are The Beatles. Still, by the standards of arguably the biggest band of all-time, these songs are the sleepers of a storied catalog. We’ve chosen 27 of them, for symmetry reasons.

A quick note on the videos below. The Beatles may be the biggest band in the history of music, but they also have a strange, iffy internet presence. As such, a lot of these videos have Spanish subtitles. One is taken from a Beatles-centric version of Rock Band. Another comes from a Beatles cartoon that… well, to say it doesn’t age well would seem to imply that there was ever a point where it wasn’t questionable. In the end, we did our best.

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