Detroit’s New ‘The Beneficiaries’ Project Will Highlight The Motor City’s Creative Scene

A new project aims to celebrate and shine and spotlight on the creative scene of Detroit with the help of DJ Jeff Mills, poet Jessica Care Moore, and techno music pioneer Eddie Fowlkes. “The Beneficiaries” marks the first time Mills and Fowlkes have worked together despite a longstanding history together, while Moore was brought in to include a voice from outside the city’s celebrated music scene.

The group will kick off their partnership with an EP titled The Crystal City Is Alive. It will be released via Mills’ label Axis Records. According to press info from the group’s profile on, the project’s goal is “to demonstrate the commonality people possess from various art forms,” stemming from the belief “that by mixing ideas, visions, and perspectives together, [it] might produce unexpected and often provocative results.”

The sound of the project blends the signature sounds of two of the Motor City’s most influential electronic music pioneers with Moore’s poetic words offering commentary on the growth, progression, and unity of the people of Detroit. It’s spacey and Afrofuturistic and psychedelic stuff, pushing the boundaries of the artform and challenging listeners along the way.

The Crystal City Is Alive is due 7/24 via Axis Records. You can find more information here.