These Obscure, Bizarre, Great Music-Related YouTubes Should’ve Been Viral Sensations

Who can say why some YouTube videos go megaviral, while others languish in obscurity forever? It doesn’t seem fair. But we must not question the ways of Lord Internet.

After some deep digging, we’ve uncovered 12 amazing music videos on YouTube with 10,000 views or less. These clips never hit it big, but they still deserve your attention.


Views at time of this writing: 5,655

If you don’t want to see a precocious Russian multi-instrumentalist perform every single part to one of the happiest songs ever recorded, I don’t want to know you, man. This video is an absolute freakin’ joy. Watch it in the morning, pet your dog a few times, and you’ll be ready to kick the day’s ass.


Views at time of this writing: 341

Yep, it’s Iron Maiden’s entire 1984 album Powerslave re-done as 8-bit video game music. What’s especially cool is that it sounds like it could have been pulled directly from a classic Nintendo soundtrack from the ’80s. (Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania immediately spring to mind. I wonder if those Japanese game composers were metalheads?) Browse through That Gamer’s other 8-bit music tributes, and help this dude get some well-deserved views.


Views at time of this writing: 6,719

Alright, this one is truly baffling. How does a minor movie star like Guy Pearce release a genuinely funny video for one of his original power-pop songs and have it totally tank on YouTube? He grinds meat, he dresses up like Steve Jobs, he exposes a pair of fake, hairy breasts… WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE NEED?


Views at time of this writing: 2,618

While clips of Paul Stanley‘s infamous stage banter are readily available on YouTube, this is the only video that collects the entire “People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest” bootleg, featuring more than an hour of the KISS frontman shouting nonsense at his audiences in an accent that I can only describe as “Bronx Grandmother.” Experience it once before you die.


Views at time of this writing: 1,999

In the highly competitive world of punch-drumming, Alan Kahn is a living legend, a god who walks among us. No, not a god… Alan Kahn is God Himself. (Relatively speaking, of course.) His “Rhythm of the Night” cover made the internet rounds a couple years back, but most of the vids on his speedbag1 YouTube channel are collecting dust. So, here’s Alan punching out the beat to “Pinball Wizard” by The Who. Man… he spins that thing right ’round like a record, baby.


Views at time of this writing: 4,401

This video of three teenagers performing “Satanic Royalty” by Midnight on cardboard instruments is pretty ferocious, especially that guitar solo from 1:50-2:31. I would have guessed that these guys would be big stars by now, but as far as I can tell, the suburban driveway metal lip-sync trio never released a follow-up.


Views at time of this writing: 301

Music Vault is the greatest collection of live concert footage you’ll find on YouTube, hands down. If you’ve got some time to kill, check out The Roots‘ classic performance from Woodstock ’99, which opens up with Black Thought, ?uestlove, and the rest of the crew beating out a groove on cowbells and woodblocks before tearing up the stage for an hour.


Views at time of this writing: 4,015

When I was trying to locate the worst Neil Young song in the world last week, I fell into a very dark rabbit hole indeed, and ended up on EvangelineAndBen, a YouTube channel for a hopelessly devoted Second Life couple. (Remember Second Life? Man.) This video is essentially a slideshow tribute to their love, soundtracked by Neil Young’s sappy ’80s ballad “We Never Danced,” which I actually kind of dig. But it’s a disturbing journey into the internet’s heart of darkness, to say the least.


Views at time of this writing: 2,798

For my money, it doesn’t get any better than Screamin’ Jay Hawkins covering “Old Man River” on Night Music back in 1990. But because we’re talking about one of the most insane blues singers in history, there’s a twist. Wait for it… wait for it…


Views at time of this writing: 1,107

According to the video description, “Rory Lake went to, found 17 strange and wonderful people from around the world, gave them each 5 bucks and a copy of [his song] ‘Not Innocent.’ Cameras rolled and this video is the result.” It’s kind of like a super low-budget, crowd-sourced version of “Happy” — but with a far less positive message.


Views at time of this writing: 2,769

Dang, girl. Are you a theremin? Because you’re surrounded by nerds almost touching you.” Oh, I kid the theremin players. This cover of “Dust in the Wind” is damn impressive, actually. And the guy’s got a sense of humor, too.


Views at time of this writing: 1,901

This highlight reel of spoken-word interludes from ’80s songs includes such classics as “The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of 40,000 years” and “All I want is a Pepsi and SHE WOULDN’T GIVE IT TO ME.” For more good times, check out this equally wonderful supercut from CBC Music, which pays tribute to rappers suggesting that you throw your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care.