'The Book Of Mormon' Is Touring. Go See 'The Book Of Mormon'

If you’re reading this website there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the comic stylings of South Park — along with the other works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. As you may have heard, Parker and Stone created a critically-lauded and Tony award-winning Broadway show that lovingly pokes fun at Mormons called The Book of Mormon. I have seen this show. I attended a performance a few months ago with expectations that were through the roof. The show still somehow managed to exceed shatter all expectations.

You need to go see The Book of Mormon.

You may be wondering if I, or my demanding UPROXX overlords, are being paid to implore you to go see this show. No were are not. So why am I imploring you to see this show? Put simply, because works of creative genius of this magnitude sadly don’t come around very often in life, and I think it’s important to a) treat yourself to taking them in when they do for the sake of having an enriching life experience and b) reward the people who worked so hard to create such works (Parker and Stone reportedly spent 10 years developing/honing TBOM). Theater experiences like this one only come around once in a generation. It’s that good. And since I just found out through a friend that a national tour is kicking off later this summer, I felt it my duty to spread the word.

Seriously, go see it. Drive a few hours if you have to. It’s still cheaper than flying to NYC and paying for a hotel room there. You can thank me later.

Here’s a promotional interview with Parker and Stone about the show (and you can watch an extended interview with them on Charlie Rose about the show here)…