The Cases For And Against A Guns N’ Roses Reunion

01.05.16 2 years ago 9 Comments

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Guns N’ Roses are officially reuniting starting with their set at Coachella 2016, with Axl and Slash finally having buried the hatchet. It’s hard not to be excited about this; during their original run, G N’ R were the most vital hard rock band in the world, and made music that has undeniably stood the test of time. But while the thought of Axl and Slash jamming together for the first time in nearly two decades is certainly attractive at first glance, we must ask ourselves, is this really a good idea?

First off, the expectations are going to be incredibly high here, which means we need to know if Axl can handle this. In recent years, he’s struggled to hit all the notes that classics like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” demand of him. Now, that might not have mattered as much to the fans when Axl was touring with a seemingly random group of musicians, and just using the G N’ R name, even though it might as well have been called Axl & Friends. But becauseΒ the classic lineup is reuniting, the expectations are going to be higher, the crowds will be larger, and the tickets will cost more. If Axl’s vocal performance isn’t up to snuff, this tour could go down as a massive disaster for everyone involved.

Additionally, we have to consider the volatility of the relationships here. Remember, there’s a reason why the lineup disbanded: Axl Rose was not the easiest person to get along with. His aloofness destroyed the band, and it took 20 years for his relationship with Slash to mend. Maybe he’s more mature now — maybe the entire band is — but it’s hard not to be a tad concerned about this when projecting how a reunion tour will play out. What if the band gets into a huge fight because Axl thought Slash was hotdogging it too much on the “November Rain” solo, and a tour gets cancelled after ten gigs? Basically, for this to work, everyone — especially Axl — is going to need to keep their ego in check.

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