Prepare To Hate-Listen To The Chainsmokers’ New Song ‘Paris’ Until You Begin To Love It

It is very easy to make fun of pop’s hottest dance duo, The Chainsmokers. Why? Because they do things like talk about their combined penis length in interviews, which means they’ve measured their penises together, which means they still ascribe to the myth that penis length is the primary thing that defines a positive sexual experience and is, subsequently, a good way to define themselves.

So it’s pretty easy to write them off as bro-y, ahem, dicks when they use their immense talent for creating pop hooks to behave that way, or like, bully Lady Gaga for no reason.

But then, yeah, there’s the whole immense talent for creating pop hooks thing, which is back on full display like fireworks for their latest single, “Paris.” Sorry to break it to you, but no matter how much you’re annoyed by the general aura of these two dudes, you are going to f*cking love this song. Because it’s about escaping parental disapproval to be in love in Paris, because there’s a moment in the lyrics that includes social media and cigarettes on a balcony, because it gets at the way Paris is a stand-in for every sentimental romantic notion we’ve ever held dear, and because the hook is even better than the one on “Closer.”

“If we go down, then we go down together / We’ll get away with everything / Let’s show them we are better.”

Since Romeo and Juliet that sentiment has broken a million hearts and fueled a million intercontinental love affairs. These dick-measuring assholes did it — they made me like them. Oh and the backup singer on the hook is Emily Warren, who apparently thinks Chainsmoker fans thinks she sounds like Selena Gomez…

Nope! But her voice still sounds great on the song. Which is going to make its way onto your Spotify list, at least when you’re alone in the car and no one is around to judge. Listen above.