Watch The Chainsmokers New ‘Young’ Video, Which Is Basically A Family Photo Album

While the world continues to hate on The Chainsmokers — including Deadmau5’s latest hit at the electropop duo — they are continuing on their merry way, releasing new visuals for their chart-topping debut album Memories… Do Not Open. Haters gonna hate, right? Well, even the most stalwart hater’s heart might be thawed a bit by this new lyric video for one of the album’s tracks, “Young.” It’s a song about being admittedly bad at relationships, and f*cking up because, well, they’re young.

Despite the heavy-handedness of the lyrics, the video gets even more on the nose, depicting a slideshow of old photos of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall that traces their evolution from infancy, to childhood, to awkward teenage years, and finally, into their full-fledged Chainsmokers glory. Watch the clip up top and if you are a Chainsmokers fan, check out our positive review of the album, which may be one of the only of its kind in 2017.

Seriously though, if you listen to “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” and still find not an ounce of love in your heart for either of those songs, something might be wrong with you. A pop earworm is a pop earworm, no matter how much the world may mock its purveyors.