The Cool Kids Comeback Gets Off To A ‘Running’ Start With Their New Track

The Cool Kids have solidified their comeback with the release of the booming “Running Man” featuring Maxo Kream. It’s their first track since announcing their reunion in July. Prior to “Running Man,” the Midwest duo hadn’t dropped new material since the run-up to their aborted 2014 Shark Week LP.

One of the main reasons for The Kids gave for their return was they were tired of seeing people taking their style, and Sir Michael Rocks addresses it right off the bat.

“These peasants fresh as me? Tell me how
They still distressin’ T’s on they couch
Rock band T’s and bands they don’t know nothin’ bout
You heard of Iron Maiden once? Bro that don’t even count”

Chuck Inglish adds some lines about fashion as well, (“Wallaby two tone zones with my fit/ Rockin’ Iceberg like a snowstorm in here”) but also brings some gun talk (“When you see it in the scope, close an eye before you shoot”). Bringing up the rear, Maxo Kream is tired of the copycats, calling out rappers “actin’ like some boppers tryna top us” and clowning their fake J’s.

As mentioned earlier, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks have pumped faked us before, but for now, the highly influential duo is keeping their word.