The Fake Coachella Lineup Poster Is Way Better Than The Real One

When the lineup for Coachella 2012 (the tickets for which just went on sale, btw) was announced, I meant to post about it but then forgot and then the next day was all, “Well the lineup for this year’s Jazz Fest is better anyway.” In truth, I have a anti-Coachella bias. There, I said it. I think the whole thing is waaay overrated and yes, I think Jazz Fest in New Orleans blows it away. Of course, I’m biased, but deal with it.

Still, this year’s lineup is pretty stellar, stellar enough that I’m tempted to give it another shot. However, a fake Coachella lineup has popped up on the web that sort of blows away the real one. And by sort of blows it away, I mean it REALLY blows it away.

For comparison purposes, large versions of both are after the jump…

A tip of the cap to the genius who made the fake. A work of true art, it is.

(Fake Coachella lineup via Laughing Squid)