The 'Game Of Thrones' Families Explained As Metal Bands

Anyone who watches Game of Thrones — and I know everyone reading this does — has encountered having to try to explain the show to people who’ve never seen it. It’s a bitch, right? I mean, where to even begin. SO. MANY. LAYERS.

Well, Redditor futurepilgrim encountered the same problem and helpfully came up with a solution we can all use going forward.

I imagined if you had never seen Game of Thrones an easy way to explain the character of each of the families vying for the Iron throne would be to compare them to a metal band.

So simple, yet so brilliant.Wish dude would have done one for the Targaryens though. Wonder what band they would be? Heart? (Not really metal, I know, but it sprang to mind, for some reason.)

Anyway, the Starks are obviously above, while the Lannister’s and the Greyjoy’s are below for your entertainment.

(Imgur via Brett Martin)